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In 2015, MSK(Tianjin) Cutting Technology was established in Tianjin. With 6 SACCKE high-end five-axis grinding centers, German ZOLLER six-axis tool inspection center, Taiwan PALMARY machine and other international advanced manufacturing equipment, we are committed to producing high-end, professional and efficient CNC tool...





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Type Of Drill Bits

The drill bit is a kind of consumable tool for drilling processing, and the application of the drill bit in the mold processing is particularly extensive; a good drill bit also affects the processin……
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New Size Of HSSCO Step Drill

HSSCO step drills is an effective too for drilling woods, ecological wood, plastic, aluminum-plastic profile, aluminum alloy, copper. We accept customized size orders, MOQ 10pcs of one size. This is……
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Precautions For Processing And Maintenance Of Tungsten Steel Internal Cooling Drill Bits

The tungsten steel internal cooling drill is a hole processing tool. From the shank to the cutting edge, there are two helical holes that rotate according to the lead of the twist drill. During the ……
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