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Precautions For Processing And Maintenance Of Tungsten Steel Internal Cooling Drill Bits

Precautions For Processing And Maintenance Of Tungsten Steel Internal Cooling Drill Bits

The tungsten steel internal cooling drill is a hole processing tool. From the shank to the cutting edge, there are two helical holes that rotate according to the lead of the twist drill. During the cutting process, compressed air, oil or cutting fluid pass through to cool the tool. It can wash away chips, reduce the cutting temperature of the tool, increase the service life of the tool, and add the TIAIN coating on the surface of the drill bit with the inner coolant coating, which increases the durability of the drill bit and the stability of the machining dimensions.

The tungsten steel internal cooling drill has better cutting performance than ordinary carbide drills, and is suitable for deep hole processing and difficult-to-machine materials. The drill with internal cooling holes is to reduce the damage to the drill and the appearance of the product caused by the high heat of the drill during high-speed machining. The drill with double cooling holes can effectively solve this problem and bring you high-speed and efficient drilling. The manufacturer customizes the tungsten steel internal cooling dril, which can realize the efficient processing of deep holes.

Precautions for processing and maintenance of tungsten steel internal cooling drill:

1. When drilling steel parts, please ensure sufficient cooling and use metal cutting fluid.

2. Good drill pipe rigidity and guide rail clearance can improve drilling accuracy and drill life;

3. Please ensure that the magnetic base and the workpiece are flat and clean.

4. When drilling thin plates, the workpiece should be reinforced. When drilling large workpieces, please ensure the stability of the workpiece.

5. At the beginning and end of drilling, the feed rate should be reduced by 1/3.

6. For materials with a large number of fine powders during drilling, such as cast iron, cast copper, etc., you can use compressed air to help chip removal without using coolant.

7. Please remove the iron chips wrapped around the drill body in time to ensure smooth chip removal.
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